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          12FO fiber optic FTTH box B0212A

          Product specifications

          Model: B0212A
          (Internal model: OTB-0212-A)
          Dimension(mm): 209.5x260.5x95
          Material: PP plastic
          Adapter port: 12pcs SC simplex
          Max. capacity: 12 fibers
          Max. qty of splice tray: 1pc
          Max. capacity of splice tray: ?12 fibers
          Color: ?white
          Can load 1pc PLC 1:8 steel tube type splitter
          Application: outdoor wall mounted, pole mounted

          Product details

          Fiber?optic?terminal?box?is?available?for?the?distribution?and?terminal?connection?of?various?kinds?of?optical?fiber?system,?especially?suitable?for?mini-network?terminal?distribution,?in?which?the?optical?cables,?patch?cords?or?pigtails?are?connected. ?