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          Fiber optic face plate G000

          Product specifications

          Model: ?G000
          Dimension(mm): ?86.5x86.5x20.4
          Material: ABS plastic?
          Max. capacity: ?2 fibers?
          Adapter port: 2pcs SC simplex?
          Application: indoor wall mounted

          Product details

          Fiber optic face plate (also called fiber optic socket) is often used in FTTH project. It can be used on wall, floor or desk; indoor, for end user, capable to handle fiber fusion, fiber cables and pigtails.

          Material: ABS plastic?
          Radian appearance makes it slinky
          Embedded chart and logo position make it easy to identity
          Support MM or SM fiber connection
          2 ports for SC simplex, LC duplex adapters

          Optical communication system