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          Dome type 144FO fiber optic closure CV023

          Product specifications

          Model:  CV023
          Dimension(mm):  Φ151.7x549 
          Material: PP plastic 
          Max. capacity:  144 fibers 
          Max. qty of splice tray:  6 pc 
          Max. capacity of splice tray: 24 fibers 
          Cable port:  1oval and 4 round port cable port 
          Heat shrinkable sealing structure 
          Outdoor aerial hanged, pole mounted, wall mounted etc.

          Product details

          CV023 is a dome type fiber optic splice closure that used for optical fiber cable splicing, joint and protection. It is water proof and dust proof and suitable for outdoor aerial hanged, pole mounted, wall mounted, duct, buried application. 

          Material: Outside high impact PP+UV closure body, inside ABS splice tray
          Sealing structure: Heat shrinkable sealing
          IP standard: IP68 waterproof and dust proof, with pressure valve. 
          Cable port: 1 oval cable port 69*40mm and 4 round cable port Φ25mm 
          Splice tray qty: Max. 6pcs OST-016 splice trays,  
          each tray 24 fibers splicing.  
          Capacity: Max. 144 fibers 
          Electrical performance: with grounding device